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Beautiful GRG Baby Romaine Creation
Beautiful GRG Baby Romaine Creation
Harvest Salad made with GRG's beautiful organic baby romaine
Harvest Salad made with GRG’s beautiful organic baby romaine
Produce Inquiry
Fill out this inquiry form and let us know where you are in terms of buying our organic baby romaine. Be sure to fill out the required fields at the very least so that the form is properly submitted. GRG staff will respond to your inquiry in 1-3 business days, and further correspondence will openly occur thereafter. As always, thank you for your interest in Green River Greenhouse, LLC. Happy Farming!
Are you ready for the best Organic Produce on the planet to be on your shelves, or on your menu? You have come to the right place.
RESTAURANTS!!!! HEALTH FOOD STORES!!!! HOSPITALS!!!! ASSISTED LIVING PROGRAMS!!!!! UNIVERSITIES!!!! ETC... Anyone who needs great romaine, and lots of it, for their top-scale dining establishment, or their top-level health-food market, has come to the right place, and need look no further. Don't believe me? Fill out this inquiry form; ask all the questions you want. With the submission of this form you will open up correspondence with us and be eligible for a free case of our amazing product. There will never be any pressure to buy, no contracts involved, only order what you want, when you want it. After submitting your inquiry, just give us 1-3 business days to respond via email, at which time we will iron out any details needed to get you that first, fresh, and free sample case. From that point it is up to you if you want to contact us again. If you have a need for romaine, and want the best, we are certain we will be hearing from you again. If we do not however, have no worries about hassling or the like. You wont hear from us again unless your 100% satisfied with our product, and want to set up a purchase order. So without wasting another minute, fill out the form below, and lets establish some details concerning your free sample. What that sample consists of: 1 case consisting of 24 heads of USDA Certified Organic Baby Romaine, weighing a total of at least 8 lbs. It is yours, and its free. Some of the things that make our Baby Romaine the best on the planet: Its grown using the sustainable agricultural method known as aquaponics. Aquaponics in itself is considered an extremely natural growing process. Aquaponics uses no synthetic herbicides or pesticides, and nutrients are provided by tilapia that are alive and well, and living in their own optimal conditions; This alone serves as assurance that harmful products are not used in the system, otherwise the fish would suffer large mortality. Aquaponics is a nearly 100% closed-loop system that reuses most of its water, cutting back drastically on water usage and the use of other natural resources. Other things that make our product better are: It is locally grown, grown on a farm where growers are trained to maintain produce before, during, and after harvest. Our baby romaine has a shelf life of 15-20 days while the head remains intact. GRG has their own cooler van to maintain core temperature during product deliveries. Bio pest control, and proper nutrient supplementation keeps GRG produce strong and virtually pest free. Despite aquaponics being a strong indicator of an all-natural product, GRG has gone the extra step to ensure our customers that they are getting a natural product, by maintaining a USDA 100% Certified Organic label for all of our produce by completing the tasks, and practices required by the USDA to do so, and remaining completely transparent to any and all scrutiny by appointed USDA officials concerning our compliance with said regulations. The list of reason to choose GRG is a long one, and you can find a more detailed version on the 'About' page of this website. As always thank you for your interest in Green River Greenhouse, LLC. we look forward to meeting you, and introducing, to you, our wonderful product. Happy Farming!
Help the GRG staff respond in a timely manner by letting us know when you submitted your inquiry. Thank you!
Although GRG will use email as a primary means of contacting you, there may become a time when a phone call and/or text message is a necessary second option. {Although this field entry is required before moving on, GRG does realize that in some cases a phone number may not be available. In such a case, simply enter (555) 555-5555. This will meet the requirements and allow for you to move on after clicking the submit button.} Thank you!
Although this field is not required, we do encourage you to complete the field if applicable. Anything that GRG staff can learn about you, and/or your business will help us to better serve you presently, as well as in the future. Anything less than exceptional customer service on behalf of the GRG staff is unacceptable, and we like to do whatever we can to avoid that. Thank you!
What is your primary reason for this inquiry today? Do you own a restaurant, and hope to find an excellent product to serve to your loyal patrons? Do you own a health-food store, and are seeking the best organic produce on the planet to stock your shelves with? Are you the produce buyer for a hospital, a school, a university, or otherwise? Whatever the case may be, you have found the place to get the very best Baby Organic Romaine anywhere in the world, and we are confident enough to do whatever we need to do in order to make you just as confident in our product. First though, tell us a little more about why your here, and what you are looking for. Again, anything we can learn about you, and your goals will set us up for success when providing you with exactly what you need to meet those goals, and our primary mission! Thank you! [Although this field is not required we do encourage you to make a brief entry if possible] If you haven't yet thought too much about purchasing product, but instead just have a question for the GRG staff, you may use this space for that as well. We will respond to your question / this inquiry in 1-3 business days.
NOTE: No. 2 Commercial is often not available on account of the efficiency of the aquaponics method. It's just not very often that a sub par crop is realized. Even when it is, the difference is seldom apparent. GRG staff will do their best to post the No. 2 grade when it is in fact available, as it is a more affordable selection, and requires that the customer give up very little in terms of quality, making it a true value when available. [This is not a required field]
This is not a comittment on your part in any way. GRG just wants to establish an idea of what kind of numbers you may be needing if you decide to purchase our organic baby romaine. REMEMBER: 24 heads per case @ a min. of 8 lbs. per case. Thank you! [This is not a required field]
Organic Baby Romaine floating fields
Organic baby romaine grows in the floating fields of GRG