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  • GRG also offers farm-raised tilapia of various sizes for various uses. Although there is currently no organic standard for fish we still follow a strict set of guidelines when farming them.
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-Staying strictly within the USDA guidelines for producing organic vegetables, and faithfully reapplying for the USDA Organic certification annually.

-Providing local produce distributors with a delicious, 100% certified organic product that far surpasses the competition.

-The responsible, and ethical rearing of Blue Nile Tilapia for human consumption, and otherwise.

-Maintaining honesty, and excellence in all manners of our business.

Organic Baby Romaine





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Green River Greenhouse works hard to ensure a stress-free tilapia culture. An optimal environment coupled with a low protein diet, and ethical farming is the GRG recipe for producing beautiful healthy fish that are guaranteed to satisfy our customers. Whether you are eating them or have an alternate application in mind, GRG has what you are looking for.

GRG also raises tilapia fingerlings for sale to the farmer or hobbyist who wishes to grow out delicious tilapia in their very own pond. Our 5-inch fingerlings allow for the farmer in the colder regions of the country to purchase a fish with a head-start in size that allows full/market size to be reached in the shortened warm season. There are many other benefits to purchasing the 5-inch variety. Contact us for a list of all of these wonderful advantages.

Tilapia fingerlings also make terrific bait fish, and feeder fish in your private pond. When used as feeders, they will die off during the winter. This prevents uneaten feeders from growing up and becoming invasive to your pond.

Please follow your state guidelines when considering any application using nile tilapia. Many states have different guidelines.


Beautiful market-size Nile tilapia.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]