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Large Tilapia
Beautiful market-size Nile Tilapia.
Inquire About Our Fresh, Farm-Raised Tilapia!
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Farm-Raised Tilapia Now Available at Green River Greenhouse
At Green River Greenhouse our tilapia are raised in exceptional conditions. Working as the provider of nutrients needed for our produce, we must keep our fish happy and healthy. Although there is no standard for organic fish production in the state of Indiana, our tilapia are a vital part of a closed-loop certified organic aquaponics system, and on account of that, farming them at Green River has its own set of guidelines that must be followed to ensure the farm retains its organic certification. We offer a much healthier product than is provided by the polluted natural waterways, and the farms of third-world countries. Our fish are bred at Green River Greenhouse, and then fed a high-protein diet until they reach market-size. You won’t find a better, healthier tilapia anywhere! For your fish needs contact Green River Greenhouse today! Fill out the form below to inquire about purchasing GRG's farm-raised tilapia live on ice, or contact us directly by phone, Monday thru Friday from 7am until 4pm.
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