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Can I take a look at Green River Greenhouse’s operation?

Green River Greenhouse currently offers tours to anyone wanting to start their own aquaponics venture.  Tours include: a detailed look at all things involved in operating an aquaponics farm, the advantages and disadvantages to becoming a USDA certified organic operation, and any future consultation needed.  Note-taking is highly recommended to anyone touring our facilities, as the operation is complex, and there will be a lot of information to process.  However, we will provide much literature to you to take with you in the form of printouts.
Tours begin at $300 dollars for a single person or two. A third person will be an additional $200. We set it up this way to encourage visitors to bring a friend or two along.  Often times a partner will hear things you may have missed, think of questions you didn’t, and/or understand things better or differently than you did.  So with no additional charge required for that second person it would certainly be in your best interest to find someone to join you for this amazing tour.

What makes this tour such a value?

When the current management team arrived at Green River Greenhouse approximately 2 years ago, we had no idea what aquaponics was, or how to operate the system we were hired too.  As the system was when we got here, it was not in the best working order, so not only did we have to learn to operate it, but rather, how to operate it in a better way.  After several trips – and several dollars – around the country to sit in on workshops, and pick the minds of the most brilliant authorities in the field, we slowly learned all that we could about what we were doing.  Along the way we also discovered that there is twice as much bad information out there as there is good, so even more time and resources were utilized due to the need for deciphering the correct information from the information that would hurt our progress.
By taking advantage of our tour you can keep all that time and those resources, and use them to improve your operation, because we are taking that legwork out of it for you.  With the tour itself, and the consulting that follows, you will have the information you need to succeed available to you at the conclusion of a 2-3 hour tour.  I know. I know.  You can thank us after your visit.
Don’t waste another second of the time that is so important to your success.  Sign up today to take your tour of Green River Greenhouse, and secure all of that knowledge – that you will inevitably need – without breaking the bank before you even get started!
Greenhouse South Entrance
Green River Greenhouse South Entrance